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Training & Qualifications

Work with the team to learn new skills

Providing education and developing the skills of our guests is one of our key goals. The team get a massive amount of satisfaction working closely with new people and watching their skill improve & seeing the impact it has on their successes in the field.

We offer a number of different training areas that can be tailored to suit your individual requirements, whatever you choose we’ll give you our best to get you to where you want to be.

Deer stalking certificate 1

We think this course is a great foundation to give you the fundamental knowledge and skills to go on to be a better deer stalker and manager. This nationally recognised qualification will teach you a wide range of topics including, safety, legislation, through to ballistics, identification of deer and marksmanship.

Assessment of these topics takes the form of practical range tests and written assessments, its our job to make sure you learn and pass these tests, and we do that in open and friendly environment where we all feel able to ask the silly questions.

There are a few ways we can deliver this training, depending on your free time, level of experience and preparation. Some guest simply self learn and turn up for the assessments, others benefit from an extended period with us where we’ll work closely with them to pass on the knowledge and take some time to practice prior to the assessments.

So whatever your situation, we’ll certainly be able to help you achieve the DSC1.

Deer stalking certificate 2

In contrast to the DSC1 this qualification is largely practical and based out in the field. Its a great way to further develop and demonstrate your deer stalking skills.

The team here hold Approve Witness status and we can guide you through the process ever step of the way, and accompany you on your stalk. This is where you’ll show us your stalking skills, demonstrate how you effectively and safely dispatch the deer, complete carcass inspections and then the hygienic transport and lardering of the animal.

As always we are here to help you prepare for the DSC2 and can tailor your training to suit your particular availability, experience and budget.

There guests that are happy to join us just for the assessments, or others will join us for a number DSC2 preparation and training sessions prior to the assessment proper.

During these training sessions our team will work closely with you, identifying areas that may need improvement and providing expert friendly advice when required.

Whatever way you choose to approach the DSC2 we’ll enjoy sharing the hunt with you and do our best to prepare you.


Understanding your own capabilities and that of your rifle is key to the humane and effective harvesting of deer.

Our marksmanship training is designed to help you improve both of these elements. We’ll work with you to develop a training programme that suits your individual needs, so whether your a complete novice looking to get their first taste of rifle shooting or an old hand looking to refresh and refine your skills we’d be happy to help.

Our training can cover any number of areas but typically these would include; safety & legal, fundamental rifle technique, practical sporting positions, shooting off sticks, ballistics, shot placement and anatomy.

Training takes place at our range facility and on our simulated stalking areas in the forests and glades. Its a day that’s generally a lot of fun, so bring your rifle along (or we can provide one for the day) and we’ll get those groupings tightened up in no time.


Making the decision to harvest any animal is a serious one, and respect demands that we do what we can to take all the benefit possible from the carcass.

After all this is why we hunt.

Our butchery training course will teach you the skills you need to take a deer carcass from the field and transform it into into healthy and delicious cuts of meat, minimising wastage, maximising the benift and saving you time and effort in the future.

No experience is necessary for this hands on course, you’ll enjoy learning a wide range of techniques including, skinning, jointing, bone removal, dealing with shot damage and and get some great ideas for how to cook this amazing meat.