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Other Pursuits

experience everything Scotland has to offer

One of the things we love about our part of Scotland is the variety of outdoor pursuits available right on our doorstep. So when they’re not in the wilds with the rifles, our guest can take full advantage of whats on offer.

Its important to note that all these pursuits are conducted under the exact same ethos and ethics as our deer management, with respect and sustainability at their core.

Woodcock & wildfowling

Based on the west coast, with lochs, rivers and estuaries cutting through the landscape this area is a great habitat for many species of wildfowl. They are abundant in numbers so this allows our guest and us to get down to the waters edge and harvest some for the plate.

Done over decoys or flight ponds, its an challenging way to earn your next meal but one that you’ll remember and savor.

Throughout the winter months we see good numbers of woodcock migrating to the area and can offer an opportunity to take a sustainable number of these birds.

We do this with care and understanding of the local populations and a respect for this stunning game bird, doing our bit to control predators that prey on these ground nesting birds.

trout & salmon fishing

Rod or rifle.. a tough choice for a lot of us but thankfully you can do both during your stay with us.

We manage a lovely stretch of river minutes away from our base, its a peaceful, wild place home to kingfishers, wildfowl and plant life, but also with a strong population of wild brown trout.

If you join us a the right time of the year you may catch the run of wild Atlantic salmon too. An iconic species that makes its way up the river giving you an opportunity to fish a true great of the natural world.

You can try to outwit these stunning fish on the fly or the lure, and we can provide some top class tuition if your new to the sport or just a little rusty.

As with all wild river fishing, we are strong advocates for catch and release and believe in giving these incredible fish every chance to survive and thrive again.

sea fishing

Our location on the coast has a long history with sea fishing, for centuries a port built on the commercial netting of herring stocks. While those days have long gone the coastline still provides lots of opportunity for a great days fishing.

Angling guests can enjoy fishing from the shore for bass and cod, or can join us on our charter boat to get out into the deeper water. Here you’ll be able to experience fishing over the rocks and wrecks of the area, or perhaps try your luck on the tope, this small shark will give you a fight you wont forget in a while.

Even if you’ve no experience at all, we’ll be there to show you the ropes and with a bit of luck bring back some fish for supper.