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Deer & Land Management

Sustainable Deer Management – its what we do

At the very core of our business, our goal is to provide effective and sustainable deer management working closely with owners and management teams, whether that be in commercial forestry, private land or estates.  

What is our approach?

We have many decades of experience working with landowners and agents to provide expert deer management advice.

Whether its forest creation, regeneration, grant schemes or replanting, an effective deer management plan and a demonstrable way to deliver this will usually be required.

Our expert team can guide you through this process, developing the plans and looking after the entire deer management thereafter, deploying highly trained stalkers, managing infrastructure and dealing with all aspects of the work.

Additionally, we also work with landowners wishing to realise the potential of deer as a sporting asset and can advise on the potential income stream from accompanied stalking and venison revenue. We work closely with the management team and owners to provide options and solutions with regard to deer and their management, commensurate with the particular use of the land.

Case Study

Developing and Enhancing
a Highland Estate

We have been working over the last 4 years with a privately owned estate in Scotland of around 7,000 acres where no effective deer management plan was in place.  After initial consultations with the new owner and estate management team, we provided an initial assessment of deer numbers and a number of options to meet their goals.

Today, after some culling of weaker and older animals, we have improved the quality of the deer, provided income from guided stalking and venison sales & increased occupancy of estate holiday cottages by stalking guests.

By reducing deer numbers in the areas of native broadleaf and ancient juniper forests, we have improving regeneration due to lower browsing pressure.

The estate has embarked upon 2 major, fenced forest creation schemes of c1500 acres, where again we have provided the required deer input and specialist advice along with monitoring and on-site deer management.   

If you do need some advice and guidance on the how to get the best out of your land and the deer, then we are always available for a chat. Call us on 07710 871190 or email [email protected].